Vancouver International Auto Show

It was different to attend this year’s Auto Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. One thing we noticed were less venders and the other booths that you normally walk around the rings of BC Place before getting down to the floor for the car manufacturers.  Some of those are fun to check out. As for the show itself, some stand outs, but the car that surprised me was the Fiat 500. This is a pretty cool looking little car – I prefer it over the Mazda 2, Toyota Yaris and others. It kind of has that coolness that the Mini had when it came back.

I am always happy to check out the Audi R8, the new GTI & GLI.

The Chevrolet Camero with the Canucks Decals was ok too.

I also took some pics of the Lexus LFA – different.Here is a great car for inside the house.

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Super Full Moon March 19/20, 2011

On March 19th, a full Moon of rare size and beauty will rise in the east at sunset. It’s a super “perigee moon”–the biggest in almost 20 years.

Here is my shot.

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10 Minutes from Home

Today is another photo blog kind of day as I try to catch up on assignments.

This assignment was titled “10 minutes from home” However you wish to travel – take pictures when you are 10 minutes from home. I walked to the Salmon Hatchery nearby. In my mind there would be tons of things to shoot pictures of, salmon swimming around, maybe some raccoons trying to catch them or even maybe a bear coming out of hibernation. Unfortunately there were none of the above only some people walking their dogs.

I got creative after the waterfall picture and tried to think of things that were not obvious to take photos of.

Check out my photoblog to see the rest

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My still life photo

In addition to blogging about graphic design, I am going to include my photography here as well. I have always been interested in photography and I am going to work on improving my skills.

This is my first entry in the digital photography weekly asignments from I am a little behind but will try to catch up.

I found it difficult to figure out what I wanted to choose to photograph for my first official still life. Some things seemed too forced. It turns out I am in the middle of doing some painting around the house – so I arranged some of those items along with the rare sunlight coming in worked out pretty well. It was a lot of fun playing with multiple exposure settings and not just keeping the camera on ‘auto’ like I do on vacation.
Ready to Paint - Still life

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Do you need / want a QR code?

By now everyone has seen QR codes. Have you thought about getting one? QR stands for Quick Response and can be read by your smart phone. Once read by your phone, it will give you details about that business including website and contact info. This makes it extremely easy for new contacts to get all your information into their phone without a chance of type-o’s instantly.

Businesses can use them on their business cards, advertisements, and brochures etc. Anything that would make it easier for someone to find out more info about them.

Contact me today about updating your advertising and including a QR code today!

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Tidying up your desk, one keyboard and mouse to control all your computers

If you have more than 1 computer at your desk and are looking for a way to have some space on your desk, check out Synergy. You can control Windows and Mac computers all with one mouse and keyboard. It takes a little setup but the result is worth it! Download Synergy here. If you are going to run synergy on a mac, you will want to check out Synergy KM, it is a graphic interface that makes it easier to setup. Once you have downloaded Synergy, choose which computer is going to be the server, setup the client computer on there. Start the server. Next install Synergy on the client and choose the server by computer name or IP address. Join the server computer with the client. You will love the results, can copy and paste between computers even.

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First Post

Well I am about to begin the world of blogging. Hoping to put up some useful information about graphic design and some other fun stuff like desktop wallpapers and other photography type themes.

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